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Ugh, so, I've been absolutely awful at keeping this thing updated even though I swore I would. Whoops. :x I think it's because I feel weird just crossposting things between here and LJ, but since I've been on LJ forever and this is relatively new, I just go straight to LJ when I want to blog or journal or whatever. Sort of. I've been using LJ for little things but waiting on bigger things to talk about here. I guess. There's not a ton going on but I'm posting this one here, anyway.

Well, okay, I got kicked out of university, so there's ... enough going on. :( My GPA is too low so I've been suspended for the next several semesters. Which is a really big bummer. But I'm trying not to think too hard about it or be too pessimistic. Even though I'm... really feeling awful about it. I'm trying to distract myself. And stuff. :/

On the bright side, now I don't have to schedule top surgery around my school schedule. I mean, having it when school is out would still be ideal, especially since Liz is probably gonna be taking care of me while I'm recovering and all, but I don't have to worry about going back to class so having it even towards the end of summer might be a possibility now, which it wasn't before. I might also just wait until I've had lower surgery as well as top surgery to go back to school. I know for a fact I want both, and if my body is finally 100% congruent with my mind, I might do a lot better. The thing is the waiting list for covered lower surgery (in Montreal, with Dr. Brassard - totally safe for work link btw) was already at, like, December 2014 when I last talked to anyone at the trans health clinic about it. And I still haven't made a final decision on who I'm going to for top. It looks like I'll be going to Buchel (the local surgeon) after all, but still don't know if I want to go with the weird experimental technique he's offering (two procedures, lower odds, nicer results if the low odds actually do work out) or the standard DI (standard trans male chest surgery procedure, surgeon is incredibly reluctant to do it on me because of my chest size). And I'm still waiting on a psychologist's letter to even be able to book with him, and not going back to see Dr. Whetter (my GP/head of the trans health clinic) until mid-April either. So I probably won't even speak to Buchel again 'till late April/early May... :/

Wow, this wasn't supposed to be a surgery post. Sorry about that.

Apropos of absolutely nothing, there's some stuff on my old harddrive that I really want back. Mainly the start of my Columbine screenplay (and that goddamn timeline I spent weeks creating), and the hundreds of old icons I had. I'm starting to dabble back in some of my older fandoms (mostly anime stuff), and I want the icons back, damnit. D< No one's been able to get that computer to even boot up since like 2010 though, so I think I'm pretty much fucked. R.I.P. icons. You are sorely missed.

Also that screenplay is never getting written at this rate, ever.

P.S. The raffle for my top surgery raised $315. Thanks so much, guys. I might be having another one, depending on if I do decide to go to Buchel or not.
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So I haven't done a single damn thing with my DreamWidth yet, but this is important enough that I don't want to skip over it or procrastinate on posting it.

Liz (my loving partner) has used her PayPal account to put together a raffle to raise funds for my top surgery (since I'm leaning towards Dr. McLean in TO right now). I'm hoping to raise enough money via the raffle to pay the deposit (10% of surgery costs, so between 630$ and 670$ most likely) for surgery with him right now. If I raise more that's fantastic, since I'm paying with a loan. The link to the raffle is here. Please donate or promote!

If I choose after all to go to Buchel, btw (which is unlikely but not impossible - he's a surgeon in my hometown I can go to for free, but don't really want to go to because he's inexperienced and wants to use an unheard of experimental technique on me), the money will go either towards a new penile prosthetic or the start of a lower surgery fund. Thanks in advance to anyone kind enough to donate.


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